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Bloggie Touch HD Camera

Monday, November 15th, 2010

A couple of years ago, the Flip Slide seemed to have cornered the market for small, inexpensive video cameras.  Now Sony has jumped in with its Bloggie Touch HD camera.  The Bloggie is loaded with features – image stabilization, auto focus, face detection, low-light shooting and 4x digital zoom.  You can take either HD video or 12.8-megapixel photos.

Like the Flip, the Bloggie has a slim design and a pop-out USB arm for video transfer and power charging.  Sony also provides Bloggie software to help upload and manage videos.  The software makes it easy to post videos on YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Picassa.

The Bloggie retails for about $200 for the 8GB model.  Find out more about Bloggie Touch HD on the Sony website.  You can see it in action in this YouTube video:

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OK Go and Giant Rube Goldberg Machine

Friday, June 04th, 2010

The American band OK Go has earned viral video status on YouTube for their unique and creative music videos.  In 2005,  they danced to their song “A Million Ways.”  In 2007 they took it up a notch with an elaborately choreographed routine on treadmill machines for their song “Here It Goes Again.”  That video has racked up over 4 million views on YouTube. 

In 2010, OK Go produced 2 videos for their song “This Too Shall Pass.”  The first features the University of Notre Dame band and has also gained about 3 million views on YouTube.  The second video involved the creation of an elaborate mechanical Rube Goldberg machine (or a giant version of the Mouse Trap game) designed by Adam Sadowsky’s Synn Labs.  Sadowsky recently spoke at a TED conference about the creation of the machine and filming of the amazing music video, which currently has over 16 million views on YouTube:

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One-of-a-Kind Rolling Bridge

Saturday, October 10th, 2009


The Oakland Bay Bridge has been in the news because of the massive maintenance project which has been undertaken on the aging structure. While some bridges need to be built with functionality in mind, others can indulge in some design experimentation. The Rolling Bridge in London’s Grand Union Canal was designed by Heatherwick Studio to retract and roll into an octagon to allow boats to make use of the canal. This YouTube video shows how the bridge operates:

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