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Backup for Vinyl Records?

Friday, August 06th, 2010

Digital media such as CDs can be ripped, copied and backed up, but did you ever think you could backup vinyl records?  Now Mike Nese’s DO IT website has instructions for making a silicon copy of a vinyl record.  Mike is the co-host of Punkin’ Chunkin’ and Catch It Keep It on the Science channel, so he seems to know what he’s talking about.  He’s also a contributor to Wired and ReadyMade magazines.  On his website he also explains how vinyl records are made, which is a fascinating topic in itself.  Visit the DO IT website to and see if you think you’d like to try to copy a record.

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Intel Circuit Breakthrough

Monday, September 28th, 2009


At Intel’s developer conference earlier this month in San Francisco, President and CEO Paul Otellini announced plans to offer chips based on 22 nanometer technology by 2011. The 22nm chip will hold more than 2.9 billion transistors in an area the size of a fingernail. “We are moving ahead with development of our 22nm manufacturing technology and have built working chips that will pave the way for production of still more powerful and more capable processors,” said Otellini. Read more details in this Wired blog post – Intel Plans Even Tinier Circuits in 2011.

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One Child, One Bulb

Saturday, September 05th, 2009


Wired’s Gadget Lab recently ran a post about Panasonic’s EverLED lightbulb.  Panasonic claims that this bulb will last for 19 years before it needs changing.  The efficiency of these bulbs has been increased through better heat dissipation, which makes the bulb run cooler.  The 6.0 watt bulb puts out as much light as a 60 watt incandescent could for 40,000 hours, which the Gadget Lab has calculated come to 19 years if the bulb is run for 5.5 hours a day.  That means that if the bulb was in your baby’s bedroom, you wouldn’t have to change it until after he went away to college.

The EverLED is currently the world’s lightest bulb in terms of weight.  It sells for $40 but is only available in Japan for now.

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