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Tech Experts Say Hold Off on New Gadgets

Thursday, January 05th, 2012

If you’re experiencing a craving for a new or updated gadget, this is NOT the time to buy.  Despite post-holiday sales, tech experts say that it’s better to wait a few weeks before you invest in new technology.  The giant consumer electronics show CES 2012 will take place in mid-January in Las Vegas.  There are bound to be some exciting new products announced that will be hitting the stories later in the spring.  Then in February, Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona.  New Ice Cream Sandwich phones and tablets are expected to be the stars of that show.

Read more reasons to hold off on buying new electronic gadgets until later this year in this Techcrunch article.

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Best Technology of 2011

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

2011 was a pretty good year for technology.  Many new gadgets were introduced, including the Kindle Fire, and there were also some notable upgrades like the iPad 2. 

Scientific American has created a gadget guide for 2011 that includes some of the coolest technology of the year.  These may not be the best-selling gadgets, but they are definitely the most innovative.

At the top of the list is the Lytro Light-Field Camera, which is equipped with a special sensor that the color and intensity of the entire light field and not just a single plane of light.  Since the camera captures all of the color, direction and intensity of the light associated with an image, you can focus and re-focus any portion of the digital image. 

One of our favorite devices on the list is Wacom’s Inkling, a digital ballpoint pen that captures a digital version of a drawing as you sketch on a regular piece of paper.

See a slideshow of the entire list on the Scientific American website.

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