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Macworld Best of Show – i4software Video Camera

Saturday, February 04th, 2012

Macworld 2012, the annual Apple expo and trade show, recently wrapped up in San Francisco.  The product named Best of Show was an app from i4software called Video Camera.  This video create and edit app, which is compatible with iPhone, iPodtouch and iPad, allows users to film, preview and edit videos from their device’s live camera view, then add music and titles before uploading the finished product to share on social media sites.  An intuitive user interface makes the process simple enough for a beginner while advanced features like optional manual controls make it powerful enough for a professional.  You can also with a variety of digital cameras to import and edit video clips.    

The Video Camera app sells for $7.99.  Find out more about i4software Video Camera on the official product website.

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Old School iP4 Stereo Boombox for iPhone & iPod

Monday, November 07th, 2011


iHome’s iP4 is an iPhone or iPod speaker that has retro style based on a boombox of the past.  The iP4 Boombox also has an FM radio, 4-inch carbon composite woofer and aux line-in jack.  For true boombox portability it runs on 6 D batteries or it can be used with an AC adaptor.

The iHome iP4 Stereo Boombox comes in either black or pink and sells for about $200.  Find out more about the iP4 on the iHome website.

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Apple Announces iCloud

Tuesday, June 07th, 2011

This week at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a new tool that will let iTunes users store their ripped and purchased music in the cloud, allowing songs to be backed up on Apple’s serves for a flat fee of $24.99 per year. This new storage option, aptly name iCloud, provides up to 5GB of free storage space for everyone who installs the Apple iOS 5 update (this includes iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices).

The iCloud service will also be available for users of iBooks. Apple announced that users have already downloads 130 million books from the iBookstore.

Apple’s iCloud will compete with other online storage and data sync services like Dropbox, Box.net and SugarSync. It will allow content to be pushed to various devices, allowing users to wirelessly sync media, documents, calendars, apps and more between their various mobile devices and a Mac or PC.

Read more about iCloud on the official Apple website.

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First Anniversary of Apple’s App Store

Sunday, July 05th, 2009


According to Macworld, this week marked the first anniversary of Apple’s online App Store for iPhone and iPod touch apps. The App Store opened for business on July 10, 2008 with 552 applications. Today here are 58,000 apps available for download, indicative of the rapidly increasing pace of app development. In terms of downloads, the store surpassed the 1 billion mark in April. Other smartphone retailers are trying to follow Apple’s lead and have opened mobile application stores, including Google, Palm and Nokia, but they have a long way to go to catch up to Apple.

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Peek Pronto vs. BlackBerry

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

If you’d like a portable email device but don’t want to buy a BlackBerry or iPhone, the Peek Pronto may be the gadget for you. It’s a portable email device with a full QWERTY keyboard. There is no Internet or phone capability, but the price is only $80, with contract-free service costing $20 per month. The Peek Pronto supports unlimited text messages for the same service fee. Amol Sarva, the CEO of Peek, says the first version of the device sold better than expected, leading to this second version. The target customer is an older or less tech savvy person who isn’t quite ready for a smartphone.

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