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MIT Studies the Second Life of Gadgets

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

MIT Backtalk project

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the gadgets in the world when their users are done with them? Researchers at MIT’s SENSEable City Lab did more than wonder about it – they came up with a project to find out. The Backtalk project used GPS tracking devices embedded in cell phones, netbooks and hundreds of other gadgets in the Seattle area. Then they turned their data into art in the form of a video that tracks many devices to their second life in a developing country. Many of the new gadget owners were filmed with built-in webcams.

The Backtalk project has created an exhibit called Talk to Me that is now on display at the New York Museum of Modern art. You can view the Backtalk video on YouTube.

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Sakku Solar Powered Traveler Bag

Wednesday, September 08th, 2010

Solor-powered bags are the perfect home for your gadgets when you’re on the go. This handsome photovoltaic travel bag from Sakku is one of the best of the new solar-powered satchels. The sakku.traveller bag is constructed from recycled Swiss sailcloth and features a powerful 5W solar panel. Each bag is 100% Swiss made and labeled with its origin lake – a collector’s piece in the making.

The bag comes in 2 versions – 100% solar-powered or with battery. The solar-powered version will charge your gadget on sunny days only. The battery version stores solar power and can charge even on a rainy day.

Visit the Sakku website to learn more about the sakku.traveler.

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