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Buckycubes Rare Earth Magnents

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Buckycubes are an irresistible toy for adults.  Each set consists of 125 rare earth magnets that have been formed into tiny cubes.  These super-magnetic cubes can be bended, folded and shaped into thousands of different geometric configuration.  It’s the ultimate desk toy – but be forewarned that you may have a hard time putting Buckycubes down.  The New York Times calls them “incredibly addictive” while Esquire says “there’s no better desk toy.” 

Buckycubes are great as a stocking stuffer or holiday gift for adults (they aren’t meant for kids since magnets can be harmful if swallowed).  You can find out more on the official Buckycubes website and see Buckycubes in action in this YouTube video.

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