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Macworld Best of Show – i4software Video Camera

Saturday, February 04th, 2012

Macworld 2012, the annual Apple expo and trade show, recently wrapped up in San Francisco.  The product named Best of Show was an app from i4software called Video Camera.  This video create and edit app, which is compatible with iPhone, iPodtouch and iPad, allows users to film, preview and edit videos from their device’s live camera view, then add music and titles before uploading the finished product to share on social media sites.  An intuitive user interface makes the process simple enough for a beginner while advanced features like optional manual controls make it powerful enough for a professional.  You can also with a variety of digital cameras to import and edit video clips.    

The Video Camera app sells for $7.99.  Find out more about i4software Video Camera on the official product website.

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Apple Announces iCloud

Tuesday, June 07th, 2011

This week at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a new tool that will let iTunes users store their ripped and purchased music in the cloud, allowing songs to be backed up on Apple’s serves for a flat fee of $24.99 per year. This new storage option, aptly name iCloud, provides up to 5GB of free storage space for everyone who installs the Apple iOS 5 update (this includes iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices).

The iCloud service will also be available for users of iBooks. Apple announced that users have already downloads 130 million books from the iBookstore.

Apple’s iCloud will compete with other online storage and data sync services like Dropbox, Box.net and SugarSync. It will allow content to be pushed to various devices, allowing users to wirelessly sync media, documents, calendars, apps and more between their various mobile devices and a Mac or PC.

Read more about iCloud on the official Apple website.

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Launch of the Ipad 2

Friday, April 08th, 2011

Steve Jobs recently called the iPad “the most successful consumer product ever launched.” He might not be exaggerating since Apple sold 15 million of the devices in the first nine nine months after it was introduced. Last month the iPad 2 went on sale. This faster, smaller and lighter version of the iPad offers a variety of new features, including a faster processor, HD support and front-facing and rear-facing cameras.

A variety of new accessories are available for the iPad 2, including the magnetic Smart Cover (pictured above). However, If you plan on taking your new iPad 2 to the beach, you may want to invest in a water-resistant cover.

Read a full review of the IPad 2 on the MacWorld website.

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iPad Case, Lock and Cable

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Everyone want to get their hands on an iPad. Protect yours from tampering and theft with the iPad Case, Lock and Cable. The iPad as delivered by Apple has no built-in security slot, so this hard, clear plastic case provides one. Leave the case on for everday protection, then connect the security cable to the case and wrap the other end around a fixed object to secure your iPad.

The iPad cable weighs less than one pound, is very flexible and features a sleek lock-head. It can be easily packed up and carried in a briefcase, purse or pocket.
You can buy the iPad Lock, Cable and Case in a bundle at Maclocks.com.

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