Recon Mod Live High-Tech Ski Goggles

Snow sport season is here and there are several gadgets out there that will enhance your ski and snowboard experience. If you’re looking for a single gadget that combines the ability to track your runs, listen to music and keep in touch with friends on the slopes, take a look at the Recon Mod Live goggles. The goggles use a Micro-Optic Display (or MOD) to project real-time information on a dashboard located on the lens of the goggles. A GPS chip updates your distance, speed, altitude and vertical drop on the dashboard display. The display also shows time, temperature and location and provides a Bluetooth connection to Android smartphones so you can see text messages and listen to music.

Recon Mod is available for about $400 at REI and Sport Chalet. Read a full review of the Recon Mod Live goggles on CNET.

Date: Monday, November 14th, 2011
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