OK Go and Giant Rube Goldberg Machine

The American band OK Go has earned viral video status on YouTube for their unique and creative music videos.  In 2005,  they danced to their song “A Million Ways.”  In 2007 they took it up a notch with an elaborately choreographed routine on treadmill machines for their song “Here It Goes Again.”  That video has racked up over 4 million views on YouTube. 

In 2010, OK Go produced 2 videos for their song “This Too Shall Pass.”  The first features the University of Notre Dame band and has also gained about 3 million views on YouTube.  The second video involved the creation of an elaborate mechanical Rube Goldberg machine (or a giant version of the Mouse Trap game) designed by Adam Sadowsky’s Synn Labs.  Sadowsky recently spoke at a TED conference about the creation of the machine and filming of the amazing music video, which currently has over 16 million views on YouTube:

Date: Friday, June 04th, 2010
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