New Coolreader for Cool Readers


Readers who want to access electronic books currently are limited in their choice of electronic reading devices. There’s the Kindle from Amazon, which retails for around $360, and Sony’s Reader, which sells for $270 to $350. Now there’s a new option. The Cool-ER from was introduced a few months ago for $249. It’s currently available on the Coolreaders website. The Cool-ER uses the E-Ink display and has the same screen size as the other readers, but is lighter and more compact. There are fewer features, such as no wireless Internet adapter and no Bluetooth connection or keyboard, but it’s still nice to have another option available when it comes to readers.

Date: Saturday, June 20th, 2009
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    Cool-ER is a good product when it works. I had to return mine & over 2 months have gone by without it being returned or replaced. Be warned if you purcahse one of these that the 12 month warranty may be worthless.

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