Google’s Costly Trademark Infringement

Google and a group of other companies have been sued in U.S. District Court for trademark infringement. The subject of the suit is the use of the word “Android.” Google has used the name for its Linux-based, open source operating system for mobile devices. It turns out that Erich Specht of Illinois received a trademark for the name “Android Data” for his internet company in 2002. When Google tried to trademark the name Android in 2007, their claim was denied due to Specht’s prior application.

In addition to Google, Specht’s suit includes 47 other companies. Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, Motorola and Samsung are among the group of defendants. Specht is requesting $2 million dollars from each defendant for each use of the tradmarked term. An out of court settlement is expected.

Date: Monday, May 04th, 2009
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