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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Microsoft hasn’t designed the proverbial better mousetrap, but it looks like they’re come up with a better mouse.  The Microsoft Arc Touch wireless mouse with nano transceiver features a unique curved design that accommodates the users hand.  It also folds to make it highly portable.  The Arc Touch mouse conserves energy by turning off when it’s folded flat and not in use, allowing it to run for 6 months on 2 AAA batteries.

Microsoft’s Blue Track technology enables this mouse to perform more accurately on difficult tracking surfaces like carpet, granite and wood.

Find out more about the Arc Touch mouse on Amazon.

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Best Technology of 2011

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

2011 was a pretty good year for technology.  Many new gadgets were introduced, including the Kindle Fire, and there were also some notable upgrades like the iPad 2. 

Scientific American has created a gadget guide for 2011 that includes some of the coolest technology of the year.  These may not be the best-selling gadgets, but they are definitely the most innovative.

At the top of the list is the Lytro Light-Field Camera, which is equipped with a special sensor that the color and intensity of the entire light field and not just a single plane of light.  Since the camera captures all of the color, direction and intensity of the light associated with an image, you can focus and re-focus any portion of the digital image. 

One of our favorite devices on the list is Wacom’s Inkling, a digital ballpoint pen that captures a digital version of a drawing as you sketch on a regular piece of paper.

See a slideshow of the entire list on the Scientific American website.

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Buckycubes Rare Earth Magnents

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Buckycubes are an irresistible toy for adults.  Each set consists of 125 rare earth magnets that have been formed into tiny cubes.  These super-magnetic cubes can be bended, folded and shaped into thousands of different geometric configuration.  It’s the ultimate desk toy – but be forewarned that you may have a hard time putting Buckycubes down.  The New York Times calls them “incredibly addictive” while Esquire says “there’s no better desk toy.” 

Buckycubes are great as a stocking stuffer or holiday gift for adults (they aren’t meant for kids since magnets can be harmful if swallowed).  You can find out more on the official Buckycubes website and see Buckycubes in action in this YouTube video.

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HTC Rhyme

Monday, November 21st, 2011

The HTC Rhyme is a new smartphone that has a set of included accessories that are pure poetry for the modern woman. One of these accessories is a smartphone Docking Station (shown above) that charges the Rhyme and turns it into an alarm clock, picture frame and music player. Another accessory is a Charm, which attaches to its owner’s purse and signals missed calls and messages. The Rhyme also comes with tangle-free headphones.

HTC Sense streamlined menus and apps provide quick access to information, email and messages. Create to-do lists and use Microsoft Exchange to sync them with your PC.

Find out more about the Rhyme on the HTC website.

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Recon Mod Live High-Tech Ski Goggles

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Snow sport season is here and there are several gadgets out there that will enhance your ski and snowboard experience. If you’re looking for a single gadget that combines the ability to track your runs, listen to music and keep in touch with friends on the slopes, take a look at the Recon Mod Live goggles. The goggles use a Micro-Optic Display (or MOD) to project real-time information on a dashboard located on the lens of the goggles. A GPS chip updates your distance, speed, altitude and vertical drop on the dashboard display. The display also shows time, temperature and location and provides a Bluetooth connection to Android smartphones so you can see text messages and listen to music.

Recon Mod is available for about $400 at REI and Sport Chalet. Read a full review of the Recon Mod Live goggles on CNET.

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Old School iP4 Stereo Boombox for iPhone & iPod

Monday, November 07th, 2011


iHome’s iP4 is an iPhone or iPod speaker that has retro style based on a boombox of the past.  The iP4 Boombox also has an FM radio, 4-inch carbon composite woofer and aux line-in jack.  For true boombox portability it runs on 6 D batteries or it can be used with an AC adaptor.

The iHome iP4 Stereo Boombox comes in either black or pink and sells for about $200.  Find out more about the iP4 on the iHome website.

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Amazing Panoramic Camera Ball

Friday, October 28th, 2011

The throwable panoramic camera allows users to take 360 degree pictures by simply tossing it in the air.  Developed by the Computer Graphics Group in Berlin, this ball contains 36 mobile phone cameras all set to take a picture at the same time when the ball’s accelerometer senses that it’s falling from the high point of a toss.  Each camera’s picture is stored in memory and can be used later with a custom application to put together amazing images.

The camera ball is currently only in its development stages, but the chances seem good that someone will turn this handy invention into a product.  As they say, one picture (or 36 in this case) is worth a thousand words.  See the camera ball in action in this YouTube video.

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Exercise for Charity with Striiv Fitness Pedometer

Friday, October 21st, 2011

There are plenty of fitness gadgets out there as well as apps that turn any smartphone into a fitness gadget.  The Striiv fitness pedometer offers the unique ability to determine what your activity is.  Using TruMotion technology based on an accelerometer and gyroscope, the Striiv figures out whether you’re jogging, climbing stairs, dancing or doing some other type of exercise. 

As you move around doing your everyday activities, Striiv keeps track and uses your motion to award you points which can be used for charity donations at no cost to you.  You can also play games that are powered by your movement.

Striiv retails for $99 on the official Striiv website.

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Realistic 3D Face Replicas

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

A Japanese company named REAL-f has come up with the technology to create what they call 3DPFs (“3 Dimension Photo Forms”). The process begins with a series of face photos taken from various angles. A composite image is created and imprinted on vinyl chloride resin that has been stretched over a mold. According to REAL-f, even details like the iris of the eye are accurately replicated.

Find out more about these amazing masks in this TechCrunch article.

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Text Neck Is a Consequence of Mobile Gadget Use

Saturday, October 08th, 2011

Doctors and chiropractors report increasing numbers of people complaining of neck strain, shoulder pain and headaches that can be traced to hunching over mobile gadgets. Many are warning that bending over a small screen to text, watch videos and play games could cause a lifetime worth of debilitating pain. Dean L. Fishman, a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has renamed his practice the Text Neck Institute because the majority of his patients were visiting him with the same complaint.

Americans send more than 100 billion text message each month, so the text neck problem is bound to increase. To find out what you can due to avoid the consequences of too much texting, read this article on MSNBC.

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